The Duck Hutt

Some shops become destinations in themselves and The Duck Hutt, nestled in the small village of Meeniyan; South Gippsland is just that. 

For the past three years owner Kellie Thomas has delighted us with her unique and carefully selected range of home wares. A mixture of country modern with a completery twist the products are enhanced by Kellie’s forever changing visual displays, which not only inspire the customer but makes the products themselves irresistible. 

From cushions to candles The Duck Hutt has something for even those with the smallest of budgets. 

In this day of age of online shopping its places like the Duck Hutt that make us believe that there is a future in store front retail. Its atmosphere and its customer service lies at the heart of what retail is all about. 

So as Molly Meldrum would say do yourself a favour and take a drive out to the Duck Hutt, if you are like me your wallet may be a little lighter on the way back but your mind will be filled with inspiring ideas! 

Kellie definitley has all her ducks lined up in a row with this delightful store!


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